Student Blogging Challenge Wk 1

Hi Everyone,

This year I am participating in the student blogging challenge, which I am extremely excited about.


The first thing we have to do is write a post about, well… us. But not what we act like online, but what we truly are, basically our challenge was to do a compare and comparison with what we are online compared to what we are offline. Here is a venn diagram of it…


Click here to see venn diagram


For this task I had to create an avatar for my profile picture. Avatar’s are supposed to be the online version of you, so if you have blonde hair you give your character blonde hair, and so it goes on. Here is my avatar…

As you can see, this isn’t exactly what I would look like as avatars are usually perfect and I am not perfect. I have my dark brown hair in a ponytail as I always wear it for school, and the headphones symbolize my addiction to the internet and music. I have a mixture between hazel and brown eyes, so I just decided to make them brown.


For the final task we had to have something on our blog telling our readers about us and I already have that so here is the link to that page…


Emme xx


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3 Comments on “Student Blogging Challenge Wk 1
  1. Well done Emme,
    You are the first student to leave a comment for the challenge. I couldn’t see your Venn diagram though as I don’t have permission to view it through your Google drive.

  2. Hi Emme,
    I love your profile picture! It looks a bit like the girl off ‘Wreck it Ralph’ – Vanelloepe VonSchwez (hope I spelt that right!) Due to actually seeing you every day at school, I can say that this avatar does look a lot like you! I like the headphones too – very cool. I’d love for you to check out my blog if you had a chance. Here’s the link:
    Darcey 🙂

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