Student Blogging Challenge Wk 2

Hi readers,

It is week two of the student blogging challenge, so let’s get straight into it…


Activity 1: Leave a comment on the student blogging challenge, wk 2 post with your URL. 


Activity 2: Visit Mrs Smith’s I’m New Here post to work through the tasks in her post and then leave a comment on her post. 

Here are Mrs Smith’s tasks…


Task 1: First, read the Commenting Guidelines written by past Huzzahnians. 


Task 2: Read one or two of the blogs below… 





I decided to read Faith’s blog as I love that name and read her “about me” post. It gave a great description of who she was and didn’t go off topic.



Maya’s blog post informed me about being a lunch monitor and was very helpful. It was smart how she compared looking after them like looking after a zoo. Here is the link to the post

Task 3: In your comment below share one commenting guideline that you think is particularly important and why it is so. 


Task 4:Tell us in your comment about a post that you read and give the blogger’s name and post title and a one sentence summary of the content. 

Activity 3: Write a post, create a video or create a poster about commenting. 


Here is the link to my post where I have made a video using powtoon explaining my do’s and dont’s for commenting


Activity 4:  Write a post on your blog mentioning 4 people’s blogs you visited, which post you left a comment on and why, then include the comment you left. 


Here is a link to the post

Emme xx

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