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Dear Readers,


It is week 7 of The Student Blogging Challenge and the reason why I didn’t post last week was because you just had to comment on 10 student’s blogs and I didn’t need to post anything. Also I am really sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile I have had a lot on. So this week is all about Nature. We have to write a blog post talking about something “naturewise” that means a lot to us. I have a variety of different passions for nature, I love animals, flora, growing stuff and more.


At first I thought that I would talk about an issue that has something to do with our beautiful nature and how mankind is ruining it. Then I realised that I want my readers to read something uplifting so I thought that I would talk about my encounter with nature… First let me just say that I am not used to being out in the countryside and I was ten, so if I do seem strange in this story it is probably for that reason.


My family drove past the city as we bravely ventured out into the country. Mum had booked a place for us to stay, it was called the “tin shed” that is right out of all the places for us to stay she chose the “tin shed”. After unpacking all of our belongings from the car and talking to the lady who owned the “tin shed” we slowly unlocked our “house”. I rolled my eyes as I saw that it was basically made out of corrugated iron and was literally a shed.


I moaned, “It is going to be so hot in there, mum!”

“Just you wait and see…” Mum replied, trying to make it fun.


The door creaked open and slowly, very slowly a smile spread across my once bored face. The house wasn’t that bad, in fact it was really nice inside. Maybe I shouldn’t have judged it… The floor was marbled and the walls were rustic wood. The sofa was elegant and the pillows matched it perfectly. The kitchen was new, white and had flowers in vases scattered over the counter. I quickly ran into the house, looking for the best room, waiting to “dibs” it. Then I saw it, a queen size bed!!! I jumped up and down on it as I shouted, “This one is mine..”


“Ok,” mum said, “but you have to share it with me because we don’t have enough room.”


I shrugged still pleased that I got out of having to sleep in the same room as Macsen (my brother). “But what about Dad?” I questioned.


“Don’t worry he can sleep where you were going to sleep”


The sun had set and it was quite late, we ate our dinner and went to bed.

I woke to the sound of birds chirping, the sun shining and my Mum lightly snoring. After going to the bathroom and dealing with my “bed head” I walked into the kitchen to find Dad was cooking pancakes, the smell wafted past my nose as I sighed, the country isn’t that bad.


“Good morning!” Dad said enthusiastically.


“Morning” I replied, my eyes still on the pancakes.


“Here, come sit down and I will give you some of these…” he said gesturing to the pancakes as if he had read my thoughts.


I jumped on the seat as Dad scooped the pancakes onto a plate. After eating all of the pancakes, waiting for the others to wake up and getting ready, we were ready to go. We decided to just have a walk around and take in all of that green. We walked past the chickens, past the cows, past the horses, past A LOT of animals. Then we arrived at a small house where oranges were for sale. While Mum and I inspected the fruit, thinking about buying some, Macsen ranted on about how there are deadly ticks in the wild are and that we have to be careful. In the end we bought five oranges.


As we walk home ready for a long drive to the nearest restaurant, dad said in a rather strange tone, “I don’t feel very well, can we just make it a quick bite to eat?”


“You must have been bitten by the ticks, Dad.” Macsen added.


“Sure.” Mum replied ignoring Macsen’s comment


The view was beautiful through our hot stuffy car windows. We were literally surrounded by green. Green grass, green trees, green… well everything. As we pulled up to the restaurant, a hot sweet smell wafted up my nose. In fact a lot of different smells managed to reach me including cinnamon, coffee, the salty spray of bacon and freshly baked bread.


We were ushered into the busy restaurant and placed outside at a little table. After ordering our food, we waited until it came. As the delicious scones I ordered got placed in front of me I sniffed and felt them, still warm and soft. I greedily spread the jam and cream over the scone and bit into it. The strawberry jam was completely homemade and the best I have ever tasted.


As we drove home, our stomachs full, I took in the scenery. Beautiful dark oak trees lined up in front of us, as if welcoming my family and I home. As I opened the car window a butterfly flew passed me, flapping it’s wings in my face, speeding past our slow car.


We arrived home simply to fall on the couch and talk. Just talk. Something that was peaceful, calm and enjoyable as humour rolled off our tongues. We then went to see the horses, the sun was setting and the sky had exploded with pale pinks and purples. Strangely dad had to go to bed even though it was late afternoon.


I stroked the horse’s long tasseled mane, it’s dark soft eyes blinked at me innocently. After spending about an hour with the horses; grooming them, feeding them and whispering praising words into their ears, we quickly had a look at the chickens, then went home to get ready for bed.


I woke to a sudden sound of raspy groaning and Mum desperately shaking me to get up.


“Emme, Emme!” Mum said, “Wake up, Dad is sick and we need to take him to the hospital, Now!”


“Ahhh, just wait a second Mum… wait what?”, I whispered, still half asleep.


“Just get ready Emme.” She quickly replied, leaving the room to let me get changed.


I sat up, suddenly not tired, our room was a mess with Mum’s clothes all over the place and my junk scattered on the floor. After quickly getting changed, still aware of the horrible coughing sound, I ran out to the lounge to find Dad on the couch. He lay sprawled all over it, groaning away helplessly. A horrible thought suddenly dawned on me, “what if he has a tick and will die, like what Macsen said!!” Mum quickly ran out into the lounge, with her phone in her hand.


“There is no phone, reception!” She exclaimed, “How am I going to call the ambulance…”


First let me just note before we continue the story that my Mum is a terrible driver and wouldn’t be able to drive in the dark, on windy dusty roads…


Mum continued, “I am going to see if anyone else is here and ask for their help, I will see you soon!”


After trying to comfort Dad, wake Macsen up and wait for Mum, she finally arrived with the Lady who owned the property. We all hopped in the Lady’s car and sped down to the hospital.




We waited anxiously in the hospital, wondering if Dad was alright. This hospital was not like the hospitals I was used to. It looked extremely run down and cold.


“Mum,” I whispered, “What is the matter with Dad?”


“Well, he has kidney stones.” Mum gently replied.


I sighed, “Few, I thought it was a tick or something!”


Mum laughed and so did Macsen, at first I was offended then, I started to join in.


The door opened and Dad shuffled out, his was voice tired, “Can we just go home?”


“Sure!” Mum said.




As the lady drove us back home I smiled, this was definitely an adventure but most importantly an unforgettable story.


I hope you liked this blog post…

Emme xoxoxoxoxox


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  1. hi this is Reagan thank you for commenting on my blog. your blog is really cool. where do you live I live in united states of America

    Love ,

    • Hi Reagan,

      Your blog was really amazing and interesting!! I live in Australia and right now we are in the middle of summer and it is boiling hot, what is your weather like?

      Happy Blogging,
      Emme xoxoxoxoxo

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