Hi Guys,


Welcome to my blog, here is a bit about me and my life as a 12 year old girl.


First let me tell you the basic stuff about me. My name is Emme and I am in year 6. I go to an amazing school in Australia and have a fantastic family. I have 3 siblings if you count my pets. Two of my siblings Hayley and Ginny are both Labradors. They work for Guide Dogs and breed adorable puppies. The other sibling I have is Macsen he is a person not a pet though he asks like one. He is always booming his big loud voice and running around crazy. Ok that was a bit of an exaggeration but he is still kind of annoying, but other than all of that I love him. I also have a mum and a dad like any normal child. I love them alot and they love me. Anyway here are some of my interests, hobbies or things I just like:



















Animal Abuse




Ariana Grande




Something I am truly passionate about is stopping animal abuse. Iā€™m absolutely outraged at the cruel things that animals are facing. I also find it quite strange how most people don’t even know what animal abuse is. I love animals of all kinds and it breaks my heart to hear about these horrible things.

Here is a link to a website called voiceless which is trying to stop animal abuse!!

Click here for website


Please donate to help save the animals!!


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  1. I also hate animal abuse! I have an annoying (younger) brother. I love Labs! I have a cat, but I really want a dog. Do you have a favorite 5SOS song? I love them all, I couldn’t choose. I’m so excited for their new album, Sounds Good Feels Good to come out in four days (for me at least, it might come at a different time for you). Anyways, thanks for commenting on my blog!

    • I don’t really have a favourite 5sos song, I’m more into Ariana Grande, but I still like them a lot.Thankyou for commenting on my blog šŸ˜. I know this is kind of weird asking this, but what’s it like living in America? Do you have to wear a school uniform, like in most Australian schools?


  2. Emme

    Hi, I like how you wrote things you like, and things you don’t. I agree with you on the animal abuse, people have no right to hurt an animal. What is net ball? I think I have heard of it before, but I forget. šŸ™‚
    Come check out my blog at : Emma163@edublogs.org

    • Hi Emma,

      Thanks so much for commenting!! Netball is basically like basketball except less physical and you don’t have a backboard for the hoops. You are also not aloud to move once you’ve caught the ball, so you have to pass it to a team mate. There are certain positions you can play in the game, where you are only allowed in a certain area e.g. Wing Attack is only allowed in near their opposing teams net/hoop plus in the middle of the court but is not allowed near their net. Sorry I am not the best at explaining šŸ˜, just look it up on youtube and you will find a better explanation.



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